Padas what?


Padas life is all about food and travelling. Everything we do is inspired by different cultures and new flavours.

We don't follow any trends, we think that more important is to follow our hearts.

Not all of us want big house and fat wallet, but cool T- shirt is something everybody needs!

There is a story behind every product that we want to share. 

Hope you'll find some stuff here that makes you feel good! 


About us:


It was year 2012 when one inspired chef and one crazy waitress started to plan their life together. They did many different jobs and travelled around the world, saved money and travelled again. Dreaming for some own thing was in their mind everyday. They wanted to do something for people who also love good food and like to get richer by travelling. It is difficult to start business from point zero but they wanted to try. Padas was born in spring 2017. 


" Padas clothes are made for using, they actually look even better with few holes in armpit" 


- Anniina & Vellu




ln any case, don't be afraid to contact. We love stupid questions and we are crazy enough to do something what is not in our comfortzone. If you need some receipe, different size of T- shirt or maybe a Padasteam to your backyard serving barbeque for your drunk friends, we are more than happy to help.


E- mail is the easiest way to keep in touch:


You can also try to call... and we try to answer: +358 50 542 3333


Padas life

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